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Nursing Home Abuse 


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It’s no question that nursing home residents should receive the most beneficial care possible. However, the unfortunate reality is that many nursing homes tend to hire inexperienced employees, paying them low wages in exchange for long hours. Staff may not receive the proper training needed to handle the high demands of providing constant care for residents. Some may even fail to provide the proper care or intentionally harm residents, which can in turn threaten their lives.


 It’s truly unfortunate, but neglect and abuse of Georgia’s elderly happens every day and can be a physical, emotional or financial burden to deal with. If you suspect neglect or abuse, our nursing home abuse lawyers want to do everything we can to address the existing problem and hold people accountable for their actions.

Recognizing The Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse 

If you suspect your elderly loved one is being mistreated, neglected or abused, you should contact an Atlanta nursing home abuse lawyer immediately. The following signs may indicate that something is wrong:


  • Unexplained bruises or injuries

  • Seemingly distant or nervous

  • Denies visitors or wants to be left alone

  • Heavily sedated or out of it

  • The staff doesn’t allow you to visit with your loved one alone

  • Unsanitary conditions such as unchanged bed sheets or dirty clothes


Abuse and neglect can be found in the form of bedsores, dehydration, malnutrition, burns, falls, bowel impactions, wounds, medication errors, poor personal hygiene, verbal or physical abuse, over sedation, stolen possessions, among many other forms.

Recognizing Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Many federal laws are assured for people in long-term nursing facilities. If the nursing facility has violated these rights, its owners should face legal action. If you believe a nursing home has violated these rights, contact a nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible.

Abuse can appear in the following forms:


Neglect – this can include failure to provide basic needs such as food or water, proper medical care, and allowing unsanitary conditions that cause illnesses.


Emotional abuseNursing home staff can sometimes punish residents with name-calling, insults, threats, and other words and actions that cause emotional trauma.


Physical assault –this can include punching, kicking, shoving, restraining, and any other physical acts that cause injuries.


Sexual assault – this type of abuse can range from exposure of private parts to unwanted touching and rape.

People who file civil lawsuits for nursing home abuse claims will generally see a more successful outcome when they hire a lawyer. When family members are no longer able to provide adequate care for their elderly or disabled loved ones, their trust is placed in the staff at a nursing home or assisted living facility.


Unfortunately, that trust can be broken when hundreds of Americans are subjected to negligence or abuse in nursing homes every year. When this happens, our nursing home abuse lawyers will adamantly fight until these neglectful caregivers are held fully accountable.


If you suspect or know that your loved one has suffered negligent care in a nursing home, we encourage you to contact our Atlanta nursing home lawyers today. 

Trust Your Case With Our Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm.

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