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atlanta airplane accident


Plane Crash Lawyers That Help Victims Of Aviation Disasters In Atlanta

Aircraft accidents are a rare form of personal injury law. Because airplane and helicopter crashes are infrequent, very few law firms handle these types of cases—even fewer have the resources needed to pursue aircraft accident cases in Atlanta and Georgia.


Although airplanes are statistically among the safest methods of travel, aircraft accidents – when they do occur – typically result in serious injuries and death. Airplane accident cases can be extremely complex, involving state, federal, and even international law. If you or someone you love was killed or severely injured in a plane crash accident, there are many variables that can affect the means to recover from losses sustained. Our goal is to maximize the damage recovery. Through experience, we believe you deserve the maximum compensation for your pain, loss, and suffering.

Common Causes Of Airplane Injuries And Determining Liability

To seek compensation for your losses - which can often range into millions of dollars - you must determine which parties are being held accountable for the accident. In many cases, this can be multiple parties. Once we conduct a thorough investigation to determine all causes of the crash, our Atlanta aircraft accident attorneys can then establish which parties were responsible for the errors that led to these causes.

  • Pilot error

  • De-icing failure

  • Airline negligence

  • Mechanical failure

  • Faulty maintenance

  • Inclement Weather

  • Defective products

  • Failure to comply with FAA regulations

  • Insufficient Training

  • Poor Security

Tour committed Atlanta attorneys represent the victims and families of those hurt or killed in plane or helicopter crashes. These complicated situations may bring tragic outcomes, but we work to ensure victims or their families can obtain justice and move forward with the full financial support they deserve.

Common Defendants in Aircraft Cases 

  • Individual pilots

  • Employer of the pilot or operator company

  • Aircraft designers or manufacturers

  • Maintenance crew

  • Owner of the aircraft

  • Party that leased the aircraft

  • Air traffic control staff and operators

  • Owners of any dangerous cell or TV towers, buildings, or other hazards

  • Flight instructors or flight schools

Obtaining Maximum Results In Cases Of Airplane Accidents Is Our Goal


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