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Atlanta Civil rights lawyers

Civil Rights Lawyer in Atlanta

There are rights and freedoms every individual in the United States has, and while these regulations are meant to protect all individuals, the unfortunate reality is that American citizens can have their civil rights violated in substantial ways. When that happens, it is vital you hire a civil rights attorney to protect your interests and who specialize in handling legal rights violations. A civil rights lawyer can obtain large settlements on your behalf in specific civil rights cases


Our Atlanta Civil Rights Attorneys are ready to help individuals in cases involving, but certainly not limited to:


Employment Discrimination Lawyer in Atlanta

Our Atlanta civil rights attorneys handle all types of employment discrimination claims. Every worker in Atlanta should be able to work in an environment that is free from unlawful discrimination. Unfortunately, discrimination remains a serious problem to this day. 


Some cases include:


  • Gender discrimination

  • Racial discrimination

  • Age discrimination

  • Sexual orientation-based discrimination

  • Pregnancy discrimination

  • Disability discrimination

  • Sexual harassment claims


We handle employment discrimination claims under both state and federal law. Regardless of the specific nature of your employment discrimination case, our Atlanta civil rights lawyers are here, ready to provide you with the legal support you deserve.

The Georgia Fair Housing Act was passed to ensure all Georgians can compete for housing within their economic means on a fair and equitable basis.  It prohibits discrimination in housing and housing-related activities because of disability, race, sex, color, national origin, religion, or familial status. 


Sadly, race-based housing discrimination still exists in Georgia, which can cause a serious financial burden for victims. Our civil rights lawyers in Atlanta fight for fair housing for everyone. This includes the right to be held to the same standards by financial institutions when applying for a mortgage or any other type of housing loan.

Atlanta Fair Housing Rights Violation Lawyer

Atlanta Law Enforcement Misconduct Lawyer

Some cases our civil rights attorneys handle include:


  • Police brutality 

  • Unlawful arrest 

  • Lack of probable cause 

  • Excessive force 

  • Prison abuse

  • Prison neglect 

  • Wrongful death 


With law enforcement misconduct cases, victims can endure severe harm. In the worst cases, it may even result in the wrongful death of an innocent victim. If your civil rights were violated by the Atlanta Police Department, any state or federal prison bureau, or any other law enforcement officer or law enforcement entity, our Atlanta civil rights attorneys are prepared to fight for your rights.

How Our Atlanta Attorneys Will Protect Your Civil Rights.

Every Georgia civil rights case is distinct and requires special attention. How your case is handled depends on the underlying circumstances of the civil rights violation that you had to endure. Our elite Atlanta civil rights lawyers will take the time to listen and gather all facts surrounding your legal claim.


We always work to ensure you have the best possible solution for your legal claim. This starts with making sure that your civil rights claim is filed on time and with the proper authorities. We believe all individuals should be treated respectfully by those in authority notwithstanding the circumstances. 

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